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Heavy-duty Pneumatic Shear Knifeholder

Heavy-duty Pneumatic Shear Knifeholder



MT-A610 has aunique patent design with three cylinders and robust knife-holder to offer stable down force. Easy operation, this model including two stage action, down stroke and side stroke can be controlled by individual valves or continuous movement. Built in self-flow control is ideal for reducing the downward rate of knifeholder prevents blade damage when improper operation. New micro depth adjustment enhances control overlap distance, accuracy up to 0.05mm. Adjustable cant angle provide wide a range of different web direction application. The MT-A610 is ideal for a wide range of applications throughout a multitude of diverse shear slitting like paper, plastic film, non-woven fibers and others.












Model                    MT-A610-BU930                                               

                   MT-A610 Heavyduty type shear pneumatic knife holder                                             

Min. slit width         53mm              

Max. slit speed       1000M/min(1)                                                            

Down-stroke           0~25mm

Cant angle                +/-3 degrees

Side-stroke     ;         0~3mm

Air pressure            3~6/kg/cm²      ;        

Blade O.D.                Ø150mm                                                                   

Guide-bar                GB01/GB02/GB04

Feature                   Self flow control

                                     Micro depth adjustment   

                                     Individual control valve

                                     Cant angle adjustment

                                     Patent  structure

Suitable                Various Papers >>>      kraft paper, silicone paper, releasing  paper, decoration

                                                                                    wallpaper, masking paper.

                                   Various Plastic films >>>      flexible laminated films, soft PVC films, BOPP,

 ;                                                                                               PET, PE, PS, LDPE, PLA, SBS, various adhesive tape.

                                   Cloth & fabrics >>>      non-woven cloth, synthetic leather, natural cotton, mesh

                                                                                    cloth, medical cloth, label cloth...etc.

                     ;              Metal films >>>      Copper foil, aluminum foil.


(1) The maximum slitting speed is according to the actual materials, thickness and slitting results.

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