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Half-Cut Pneumatic Knife holder

Half-Cut Pneumatic Knife holder



MT-A310 is our first non-cut through knifeholder with depth stroke control and precision blade. It masters the handling of multilayer material half cut application precisely and easily. With depth adjustment of 14mm stroke and precision blade roundness of up to +/0.005mm , it performs well in only the upper layer cut off/non-cut through at lower layer and can also reduce blade wear out for lifetime extending. MT-A310 is available in numerous variations that you can flexibly match to your application. Its versatility makes it suitable for medical adhesive tapes, foam tapes and protection film

MT-A310 Non-cut through pneumatic knife holder


MT-A310 Non-cut through pneumatic knife holder


MT-A310 Non-cut through pneumatic knife holder


MT-A310 Non-cut through pneumatic knife holder







Model                      MT-A310-BSK30


Min. slit width           23mm              

Max. slit speed         100M/min(1)                                                            

Down-stroke             0~14mm              

Air Pressure              3~6/kg/cm²              

Blade O.D.                  Ø76.2mm                                                                   

Guide-bar                  GB02/GB04/GB05

Feature                       Precision depth adjustment

         ;                                Half-cut effective

                                         Equipped high precision blade(+/-0.005mm) 

                                         Blade lifetime extended

Suitable                      Various Papers >>>      kraft paper, silicone paper, releasing  paper, decoration

                                                                                           wallpaper, masking paper, adhesive paper, thick paper

               ;                                                                            board, corrugated carton paper, sandpaper.

                                        Various Plastic films >>>      flexible laminated films, soft & rigid PVC films, BOPP,

                                                                                                     PET, PE, PS, LDPE, PLA, SBS, various adhesive tape.

                                       Cloth & fabrics >>>      non-woven cloth, synthetic leather, natural cotton, mesh

                                                                                        cloth, medical cloth, label cloth...etc.

                                                 Foams >>>      PSP foams,PE foams..etc 


(1) The maximum slitting speed is according to the actual materials, thickness and slitting results.

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Precise Fine-tuning
With the classic body construction: one-body forming design, our non-cut through knife-holder MT-A310 can reach the narrow slitting requirement. The minimum slitting width 23mm with good performance.

Everything is 
under control
Arbitrarily adjust the down stroke range of MT-A310 collaborate with the precisely grinding hard roller by the depth adjustment bolt,. Get the great performance of the non-cut through result: only cut off the upper layer, but the remain the lower layer intact.

MT-A310 equipped the precise blade (the blade roundness is up to 5μm). The non-cut through effect can be well controlled by the down adjustment, also reduce the wear out of the blade and extending the lifetime.

and Functional
Effectively reduce the application space with the handy dimension, having the stable performance and flexibly been used under the non-cut through slitting situation, especially suitable for the multi-layer composite like paper or plastic film.
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